The Magnificent Ten 2018

       The “The Magnificent Ten 2018” is an event organized to promote an Off-Road vehicles. “Grand Prix International Public Company Limited” worked together with many elite companies to organize a big event focusing on the Off-Road Vehicles.

       For this event, the Off-Road Day held on the 3rd June 2018 is the main highlight and it focuses on the show and racing of Off-Road vehicle. There were 4 main events focusing on different kind of Off-Road vehicle modification.



       Lenso Wheels wouldn’t miss out on these kinds of events. Lenso Wheel is one of the sponsors of the event sponsoring activities such as tug-of-war and providing the winners with its MAX-X Series Wheel. Lenso Wheels also sponsor the lucky draw with the price being a set of Lenso MAX-X Series wheel.



       There were many Professional drivers taking part in this event and many vehicles participating in this event also uses Lenso Wheels as their wheel of choice.


       In the event, Lenso Wheel opened a big booth displaying various series of its Off-Road wheels including the MAX-X Series wheels, MAX Series wheels, and the Road&Terrain Series wheels. The reception of the wheel was very good with many customer decided to shelves out their money and purchase the wheel.



       The Best-Selling wheels in the event for Lenso was our Max-X series. With its new American Style design, it was able to capture the interest of many parties.


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