Toyota “One-Make” Race 2018

Toyota Motor Corporation has released the information about the 2018 “One-Make” race. This race will consist of 4 divisions racing in 5 Circuit all over Thailand. There will be more Racers in the Toyota “One-Make” race than any other racing event ever held in the Asean nation.

Lenso wheel is proud to be an official sponsor of Toyota Racing event in Thailand. Lenso Wheel will be involved in every step of promoting and organizing the Toyota “One-Make” race and all the other event organized by Toyota Racing Thailand.

For this event, the focus is on the new Toyota CH-R and the new Lenso’s “Jager Dyna” wheel. This wheel is the new wheel in the “Jager” series which comes in size 17” and 18”and the design and style of the wheel is a perfect match for the new Toyota “CH-R”

“The wheels are light and strong”,” the designs are also very eye catching”; these are some of the comment of the racers when asked about the new Lenso’s “Jager Dyna” model.

Lenso wheel has been one of the main sponsors for “Toyota Racing” event for a very long time. Our continue development in terms of quality and design of the wheels makes us an ever-present in the racing community in Thailand and many other parts of the world.

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