Craig Corliss steered “LENSO FORD MUSTANG” to supremacy in TA2 THAILAND RACING

The “Thailand Super Series 2018” has officially come to an end with the last race being held at the “Bira Circuit” in Pattaya. The highlight of this event was the TA2 Thailand race where the American “Muscle Car” competed in the 30 minute race for supremacy.

The TA2 Thailand event consisted of 23 exciting round to which the number 88 car “Lenso Ford Mustang” driven by Craig Corliss form the TA2 Racing team  came in 1st and won the checkered flag.

The event also provided other forms of entertainment such as “Sexy Car Wash” and also provides lucky attendee with the opportunity to sit in the car used for the TA2 Race.

Apart from the TA2 event, Lenso Wheel Company Ltd; who is the sponsor of the TA2 Racing team also brought in 5 sets of wheel and gives it to 5 lucky attendees who attended the “Thailand Super Series 2018” event. Lenso also set up a booth in this event and provided the event attendee an opportunity to play games for a chance to win many gifts and reward from Lenso.

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