This time we bring you the round 4 and round 5 of the “Drift Master European Championship”. Round 4 was held in Torun, Poland; at the world famous MotoArena Torun Speedway Stadium.

Round 5 was the held at the famous Hockenheimring F1 circuit in Germany.

With over a million online viewers, both the event was a very special one.

Lenso Sponsored “SB Motorsport” team has 2 drivers participating in both the event; they are “Baggsy” and Nigel Colfer”.

For Round 4 event, Baggsy was very excited to test out his new #PS13V8 car and how its performance couple with Lenso’s wheel could help propelled him up the ranking.

Unfortunately, Baggsy’s car suffered some mechanical issue during the practice race which ended his race earlier. Nigel Colfer found himself facing Polish driver in RD32, although the race was very competitive and very close, the win was awarded to the Polish Driver which ended Nigel’s’ race.

For round 5, both BAGGSY and Nigel qualified for the main event which was a good sign for the SB Motorsport Team. In the TOP32 battle, BAGGSY came up against Christian Erlandsson from Sweden; the race was tight but BAGSSY has to bow out due to the snapping of his car’s steering arm which occurs due the slight contact in the race.

Nigel Colfer fared better than BAGGSY and saw himself reached the Great 8 before losing out to Benediktas Cirba from Lithuania. Getting to this stage of the competition was equal to being on the podium of most competitions around the world!

The Lenso wheels which were used for both the event were the Venom Zero and the wheels performed well and lived up to the expectation of the drivers.

Do stay tuned for updated news from round 6 of the “Drift Masters European Championship” from Ireland.

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