Racing Lenso!!

Lenso Wheels has been involved in many Thailand racing event lately and the performance has been outstanding in all categories. Below, we are going to focus on the Bangsaen Grandprix 2018 which focuses on many types of car.

For the 1st race, the wheel in focus is on the smaller and compact car equipped with the Lenso Project-D Race-2 or the 902 wheel. This wheel comes in 15” and 17” with 6 spoke and a polished lip. This wheel is very suitable for small car and is especially build with racing design.

2nd event focuses on the pickup truck and this time the wheel in focus is the Lenso Project  D1-SR. This is a 6 spoke wheel with lip and come in sizes 17” and 18”. It is one of the most popular wheel model for racing truck in Thailand.

The 3rd event focuses on the passenger car model such as vios and altis. For this race, many Lenso wheel were used, be it the D-1SF which is the 5 spoke flow forming wheel, the D-1CS and the D-1RS which is both a 5 spoke racing wheel with lip. These wheels all comes in 15”, 17”, and 18”.

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