How to choose an Alloy Wheel?

When it comes to choosing things for themselves, people will always choose what they think is the best for them. This same scenario also applies to Alloy Wheels  where people will chose what they think will make their car looks best so they can be proud of the vehicles they are driving. Choosing the alloy wheel shouldn’t be done on its look alone but the strength and the load rating of the wheels also need to be consider


They are many different styles of alloy wheels in the market but when it really comes to the decision making time, 3 main points are needed to be taken into consideration. 1) Design of the wheels, 2) Size of the wheels, 3) Tires.

Design of the wheels and its main characteristic.

  1. Disc Type Alloy Wheel: As the name suggest, the wheel looks like a big disc and it is not very popular with the user due to its bulky appearances.  The advantage of these types of wheel is that it can carry a heavy load and it is also very durable.  The wheel is suitable for pick-up truck and all purpose vehicles. 

2. Spoke Type Alloy Wheel: It is more popular than the Disc type, with 5 and 6 spoke wheels being the most popular under the spoke type. The advantage of the spoke type is its more beautiful than the Disc type and at the same time it can also carry heavy load. It is suitable for big cars such as SUVS.


3. Fin Type Alloy Wheel: The most popular Alloy wheel design is the Fin Type; this is due to its beautiful design and finishing. It is suitable for vehicle that runs on normal road due to its lower load index than the other type of wheels.

4. Mesh Type Alloy Wheel: A wheel with beautiful design and considerable load rate. It is usually stronger than the Fin-Type but the drawback is that dust and dirt particle get easily stuck in the mesh and it is difficult to clean.


Size of the wheels and Tires.

People usually increase the size of their wheel to make it looks more beautiful and eye catching. So the question here is which sizes are suitable? And is bigger always better? Bigger wheels might look more beautiful but it also affects the driving condition and put more load on the engine.

When choosing an alloy wheel, the size of the tire and the wheels is related to one another and both should be considered before making decision. When choosing the new Wheels + Tires, the radius of the wheel + tyre should be as close to the standard of the car as possible i.e. if you are going to increase the size of your wheel, the thinner the tyre profile should be; this is to maintain the height of the car to its normal standard.

When choosing the wheels, the new wheels should not be more than 2-3 inches larger than the old one. So if your old wheel is 14 inches, the ideal size to upgrade the wheel to would be 16 inches or if your wheel is 15 inches using 175/60R15 wheels, you can upgrade to 17 inches wheel with 215/45R17 or 205/50R17 would be ideal.

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