This event features only short bed pickup truck; and it doesn’t focused on “speed” or “power” but an event showcasing the “styling” and “decoration” of pickup truck along with Lenso Wheels. For this event, all applicant were invited through Lenso Wheel’s Facebook page and they were all encourage to post the photo of their truck online and be judged by the public. Top 11 voted cars were selected and provided with either LENSO Project D Spec X wheel or LENSO Project D-1SR wheel, depending on their choice. These trucks were then displayed at the “Lenso Raiden Diesel War” to showcase their beauty along with Lenso Wheels and compete for the top prices.

The contest atmosphere was amazing and the event attracted a lot of people attending “Lenso Raiden Diesel War”. There were also a lot of followers who came especially to cheers on their contestant and vote for their favorite cars and wheels. The competitor didn’t disappoint their crowd; they all came out with a beautifully decorated car, both from the inside and outside, these beautiful decorated cars were matched evenly with Lenso’s beautiful wheels.

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